Superstar lost his Craze and Market Here

Surya lost his Craze and Market in Telugu

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Surya enjoyed a lot of craze and huge market in Telugu after Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth. There were days when buyers run for his movie rights. Surya has big market than stars like Vikram and Ajith too. This Tamil superstar turned bankable star in Telugu after his blockbusters Ghajini, Yamudu and Singham. But one film Sikander blew all his market and fame to zero. Buyers trusted in Sikander as the director is Linguswamy. The movie left buyers in serious losses, though Bellamkonda reached shore safe.

AFter getting some serious blows, Buyers decided not to invest large chunks of money on dubbing releases. So Surya Rakshasudu wrapped its business under shocking ten crores! This proves that his market has gone down almost by 30 percent. Investors are being cautious on Rakshasudu for its less craze and simultaneous release with Pandaga Chesko.

Trade circles opine that recovering even this amount is a herculian task for Rakshasudu. But if this attempt goes wrong, Surya has to struggle a lot to release his next film in Telugu.