Dochey Review

Dochey Review

Dochey Review

Dochey Review

Star Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Kriti Sanon, Posani, Ravibabu, Brahmanandam, Sapthagiri and others

Director: Sudheer Varma

Music Director: Sunny MR

Producer: BVSN Prasad

RATING: 3.25

Sudheer Varma’s Swamy Ra Ra shows his style and mark of film making. Crime comedy is the favourite zoner of this director who is highly influenced by Hollywood films. There is no other director who made films in this zoner except Ram Gopal varma. Though Sudheer wrapped up his first film in low budget, Dochey seems to have pulled lot of money into it for a grand making.

There are no crime comedies in recent times other than Swamy Ra Ra and Dochey reminds us of the very same film in many instances. First film is a wonder and second film sentiment might have worked on Sudheer Varma, as Dochey is not as good as the former one. Dochey is not a perfect example for second movie sentiment, not as good as a successful film type. Dochey is something like less substance pictured in good style.

Dochay Movie Review

Movie Dochey Review

Conman Again

Chandu (Naga Chaitanya) is a swindler, a conman in usage language. He runs a mechanic shed wherin he plots his ideas for next big con. Accidentally, he once gets hold of Manikyam’s (Posani) money of two crores. Police officer Ravibabu and Manikyam run after hims for that money. The story forms on how Chandu tricks them both to own the money.



Film Dochey Review

All shades of Grey..

This movie is an out of box for regular kind of mono films for characterisations. All the characters in the film are with grey shades. Hero is a conman, Heroine changes boyfriends like a cigarette after another. Villain does the murders with smiling face, police chap demands for his stake after every scam and flam. Every character has its own negative shade, keeping this film totally away from regular formulaic sort.


Dochay Telugu Movie Review

Dochay Telugu Movie Review

Ram Gopal varma influences Sudheer Varma to the most. Dochey had some scenes similar to that of good films given by RGV in the past. It is not an easy task to run the time with gripping dialogues and scenes, leaving the main story untouched for sometime. Sudheer Varma shows off his skills in few scenes and flaunts someone elses’ (copied) in the first half.


Rough Second-Half

The director gets stuck in second half with less speed and more bumps. Needless songs and useless action scenes bore us to the core. A director who wants to make a different film, can leave stunts and songs out of the reel. Focusing on story and scenes are enough to do the needful.

The comedy scenes on Brahmanandam are not bad, but gives us a deja vu feeling. His character is a mix of Jayasurya in King and Firestar in Dubai seenu. As Brahmanandam comedy is not fruitful to the expectations, Posani court and jail scenes gain the marks. As times, when the graph falls flat, comedy scenes come to rescue and they made Dochey worth watching once.

Dochay Review

Dochay Review

Smart Hero… Hot Heroine

Naga Chaitanya looked smart and acted at ease. Kriti Sanon’s great following in youth can be seen in response in theatres. Brahmanandam did what he can, Posani is interesting. Sapthagiri is hilarious. Rao Ramesh is senti role. Naga Chaitanya sister role is good. Comedy gang did their part in bringing laughs.


Dochey Movie Review

Dochey Review

Love for Anti-routine

Songs looked different. Background music is good. Cinematography is top notch. Dochey was made with rich look. Editor did his best with no lags. Sudheer Varma scored best marks for his part. As he loves anti-routine, more films of this sort can be expected from him.

Dochey is not as good as Swamy Ra Ra, but entertaining scenes are good here. A good film for timepass, but not every aspect in this film will be liked by all. So we have to see its run at box office.


Dochey Film Review

Dochey Review


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