Akhil Can Dance!

Akhil Dance Bit Leaked from Debut Movie

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Akkineni heroes are always best at looks, but not at dancing. ANR dances were famous during old days but Nagarjuna couldnot compete on it with other contemporary heroes like Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna. Nagarjuna managed all his dances with small movements or walking most of the songs.

Nag’s elder son Naga chaitanya too is not too good at dancing and he admits it by himself. Discussions started among audience about how the new hero in Town, Akhil can dance? Like the answer to the question, Akhil debut movie video got leaked the other day showing his flawless dancing skills. Those movements of him prove him as a good dancer.

With Akhil being very good at dances, Akkineni fans are more than happy. With the new video leaked, the expecations on Akhil are doubled and they believe that star is born already!